Plan B for Bitcoin

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Plan B for Bitcoin
If our expectation about dips fails

what we do? sure we must have and set plan B

this analysis if we see Bitcoin passed $2980/3000 and close above it or move fast to 3200 we will update to enter trade directly or wait for correction then we enter the new wave
if btc flying first stop will be $3200
the price range will be between $3000 /$3700 for a while

so we set this plan if btc flying and our expectation about dips fails

we work for suc not for missed chance or make mistakes

and We ask Allah reconcile and repay for That
評論: Allah willing analysis still active
評論: plan B active enter at 3030 target 3200+3320 sl=2680
交易結束:目標達成: Get the first target sell 50 % from amount

手動結束交易: close last 50 % at 3149.95
we will share an update soon
評論: after our expect failed for dips and active plan B

btc go directly to our zone at $3200 /3350 see arrow

now we set new buy limit again safe zone for buy 3050/2950
target= $3200 $3420 $3600
reward= 21%

i want to tell you some thing another coin gain a good profit more than u gain at bitcoin

like XRP_STR_REP_ETC_LTC_ZEC_ and others coin

really i follow btc movement but never i trade with bitcoin

more thing when ETH get $150 i said it very expensive

i go to trade with nmc and ppc and nvc :)

but now BTC_E sleep :(

if btc back to blood mode we will eat trap :(

end of text we ask Allah reconcile and repay

評論: bounced from $3185 and we was set order at 3050 now we will move with price
if price pass $3510 and close above it target will be $3700
The Main point for retest $2950 and $2400
But now price and BTC want hold for while at Summit
so all Trade will be scalping
just confirm pass level enter for next target
this as i said short target short moves so use capital management
we Ask allah reconcile and repay

評論: as we saw BTC passed $3200 like a rocket but now
stop at this resistance "$3485" same 0.68 fibo

pass it and close above it with daily candle mean $3743 was confirmed as a target

until now btc don't re test the support area at $2950/$3045 but we expect BTC will do that soon maybe after touch $3700 first

for who is looking for a good point for entering for short position

$2950/3045 will be good

target $3200

Sl= $2750

Enter Margin = as u like but don`t risk it`s not a gambling

for who is looking for a good point for entering for long poistion

$2400 will be good

sl= 1730

tp= open

why open target? because of we wait for monthly confirmation for getting the new summit

for new summit if BTC close above $3250 $3300

New summits will be $3740 / $4260 / $4600

keep the eye for an update

and know that the big move, not $200 or $300 it`s short movements

the good one and big $800 $1000

and we sawed it last months

so i recommended for use capital management
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: the last comment said bounced from $3185 and we were set order at 3050 now we will move with price
if price pass $3510 and close above it target will be $3700
just follow chart not price just chart and movements
評論: "update"
Btc Touch $3745 as we expect at last analysis as we see day not finish yet for confirming $4200

i expect the correction will start from this level (0.786) FIBO

" Expecting will be canceled if this daily candle close above our level (0.786) FIBO "


altcoin VS Usdt maybe down hard if btc start correction from start this week

We ask Allah reconcile and repay

@HamadaMark I don't analyze cryptos myself but I'm always intrigued by your charts...so entertaining to watch haha :)
The frustration of trading breakouts is - there is no way you can set up a limit order that is currently higher than the market price. You either have to be in front of the computer when breakout happens or, wait for the pullback.
Thank you for the suggestions on other coins. I should look into those.
I believe it will reach 4000 very fast. To go down, with so many countries accepting bitcoin, India recommending the purchase of the currency, market capitalization increasing exponentially, bitcoin cash with the days counted. Although it is a probability that must be considered, I do not believe in its viability. With the activation on November 25 of segwit2x, the value will become exponential.
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bitcoin to 1800 ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
should we wait until confirm that it passes 3000?
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@HondaJr, yes but keep eye on update
I like how you named the idea - plan B.
@sifeij, My belief in circulation is like playing chess you have to be a smart player to win and be a beautiful presenter of odds and study your opponent well
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sifeij HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, after trading for a while, we all become philosophers :) Thank you. Always enjoy reading your post.
@sifeij, you are welcome
But this is not about philosophy or trading for while if i told you how much time i took for learning and study u don`t say that
This about your mind and how you can thinking
I know people who have been trading for 18 years and unfortunately do not know how to work
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