LTC ratio predicts BTC

LTCBTC and BTCUSD move as if yin and yang. They predict each other with fractal accuracy as synchronized dancers do in performance. Useful to predict which stage of fractal cycle we are currently in.

Exhibit 1, Blue Arrows. Post-BTC-capitulation rally, followed by a neutral period. In this period, BTC price stagnates, and LTCBTC ratio falls steadily from a local high.

Exhibit 2, Red circles. LTC and BTC both start minirally. BTC first starts moving, followed closely by LTC. LTC begins parabolic ascent and tops before BTC does.

Exhibit 3, Yellow circles. BTC starts its parabolic ascent (bubble) and LTC ratio collapses to freefall. Same fate for all other altcoins like NMC and PPC , they are all sold in favor of the steadily rising bitcoin . LTC is declared garbage.

Exhibit 4, White arrows. BTC speculation fever spills over to altcoins. LTC freefall stops, finds a bottom, and quickly reverses as traders see LTC as a form of speculative leverage on the BTC market. LTCBTC ratio increases incredibly quickly. LTC always tops before BTC .

Exhibit 5, Orange Line. Thus the possible deduction made from these fractal similarities is that BTC price will follow a parabolic ascent to All Time High. Possible minicrash and plateau.

Due to the nature of the White Arrows relationship, LTC always bottoms, rallies and tops before BTC finds a top. This particular fractal reasoning indicates it is completely safe to hold BTC - LTC is still crashing, and has yet to bottom, rally, and top.

Weekly candles green and increasing volume . Recently surpassed local high 300.
Oct 29 2015 == January 28 2013
LTCBTC bear market is now over, it becomes interesting
What are your prediction how high LTC goes??
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I second this question. Any ideas?
In 30 days 600..
There is the LTC rise. You have any targets how high it can go?
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1. Never completely trust anyone's analysis till you aren't able for a critical view for it; 2. Check Fontases charts precisely - high manipulation probability. :P

p.s. Great chart man! Nice thoughts around here but mixed with uncertain staff.
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oleg.golubovich oleg.golubovich
That's it. Wasn't sure about correct words for this chart discussion to describe LTCBTC preparing for at least a slight pullback. Wrote 'manipulation probability' & 'uncertain staff'.
Though general Fontases idea remains intact remember that history never repeats itself in precise details.
good job
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