Bitcoin - downtrend continuation?!

Liturally two days ago I have posted about the heavy rezistance on 11600 level and in that moment Bitcoin decided to bounce back. Was it a top? should we sell? should we leave the market for good?

Guys, don´t be silly, there is always a pullback. I await this one getting stopped maximum on the 9000 level. Why? There is a level of a massive support on the 9000-10000 level. RSI supports the uptrend.

You want also second scenario? It is also very likey that we will go to bounce from the bottom of the triange, so OK, there is a possibility to see levels of 7000 USD once more before we finally set off. In this case, all the people who missed the first bounce from 6000 level will get another chance!

As always, there is a possibility of the downtrend continuation, but all the evidence - Elliot Waves, only good fuds, RSI , everything shows the bullish continuation.

There is one more thing - people think that Bitcoin has to grow and grow all the time to companzate the loss which you have done through two last months. NO IT DOESN´T! Just check all the Bitcoin history since the spring 2017 - it always grew 100-120% and than it had a correction approx. 25-30%. What happened now? it grew 100% exactly! so the correction is on the right place and if we await 25-30% pullback, than the end is something like 9000 USD!

So don´t panic, it is still normal behaviour :)

I think many will buy at 8K this time; so will not be abla to see 7K
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