The Big Short Bitcoin

I know there are people get their profit now, they bought their bitcoin on very cheap price(a lot of them at $1000 and $4000 per BTC ) and as the bitcoin's price go high there are many dumping their bitcoins , yes this is how whale works.

Right now a new investors of bitcoin are panic selling their bitcoin in the mere fact that they bought at $17-19k, buy hight, sell low... Guys, you should be calm, there is one fact with which you can not argue. The price always comes back like a cat that was thrown out a 100 kilometers from home. At the moment, Bitcoin have a very strong downtrend, which is sometimes diluted by short uptrends.

I'm 95% sure that the price will be lower in the next 3 months, and that's what I want to advise everyone. Do not trade on a downtrend, wait for buy signals on the daily chart . Wait until the corridor from the 50/100/200 moving averages will be formed, this will be the accumulation period, the best time to open a long position.
good work, best analysis on here
@TanayUK, Thanks!
Ludwig, just wondering if it even gets to 10 grand looks like it's rolling over now
@TomPower, I think this is necessary in order to build confidence among the people in the prospects of the Bitcoin price uptrend, and attract new investors. Thanks for the comment!
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Possible and likely

@atricoz, you're welcome!
Totally possible.
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@yazeed, Thanks for the comment! :)
yazeed LudwigStirner
Thanks @LudwigStirner, I guess we'll find out soon enough.
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