Bitcoin trend

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My first idea on Bitcoin . I think we have reach the top of the channel and a small correction is due (around $1550) before trying to reach new highs ($2K+ ??)

This is not a trading advice, just a personal opinion.

Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

Trade safe.
評論: We are still touching the top of the inner blue channel.

The green channel is the trend who started mid last month.

2 approach here :
- 1 : We stay inside the inner blue channel and wave 3 is about to complete, which would mean a correction incoming as stated in my previous graph.

- 2 : We break the inner blue channel upwards and the 3rd wave will most likely touch the top of the outside blue channel as below

Good luck and trade safe
評論: Touched the top of the channel. Is it time for the correction ?

After retracing a bit more accurately the trend lines and extending them, i found out they all overlap at the $2400 mark ( Is that a coincidence ? )

評論: Small chart update, still waiting on how this will play out.
ETF decision is not too far away and will drive the price up or down.

評論: It didn't go as low as expected and bounced of the support line.
By doing so, a new trend formation seems to have appeared.

We are approaching the previous higher trend line which was a strong resistance before. Let's see if it breaks it and completes the 5th wave or if we have started a totally new cycle

Wonderful trade setup. I hope this will workout well.
Thank you for sharing. Continue the good work.
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