H&S 3H Bearish Continuation

Retest of swing low as Bearish move continues
評論: The Head and Shoulders Continuation Pattern. The head and shoulders is one of a group of patterns typically considered trend reversal chart patterns. If you look closely though, the head and shoulders can also act as a continuation.
The Head and Shoulders Continuation Pattern - Binary Options
評論: Pair is creating lower lows and lower highs in an A-B-C-D-E -0.44% Pattern.
Take Profit is still previous swing low.
Thanks for the post. I enjoy and appreciate the trades you publish, so keep going. There is always a critic that does nothing but criticize others.
this is the dumbest post i have ever encountered here
@terrahigh, I appreciate your comment. All of our purposes of being here at TradingView is to share and get others opinions and thoughts of how they see the market moving. What do you see the market doing?
blankz13 terrahigh
@terrahigh, why is it dump please do explain, Im listening, I would like to learn, Im new here ;)
@blankz13, Go visit our website, you will find a lot of interesting free training, strategies and ideas.
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caseywarning terrahigh
@terrahigh, says the person without any posts or rep. add this troll to your block list lol

@Tradingstrategyguides is awesome
@caseywarning, Thanks for your support and your awesome posts.
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