SHORTING BITCOIN! We're still in correction.

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This is my view on the current bitcoin price.

We're going to have a massive dump.

I see 3 support zones around:
- 8.5k
- 6.9k
- 5.4k
評論: One of the big problems currently is Binance.

They we're almost the only exchange open for registration last month. So all the new people joined Binance. The avarage binance traders don't know how the market works. They only see green numbers and pumping the market insane. But scared like hell when it's dropping.

Also a big problem of binance is that they almost only trade vs bitcoin. But now the big problem! Nobody wants bitcoin, so they going to sell the alt-coins and than dump the bitcoin fast for a really cheap price vs usdt. This way the price of bitcoin will go down a lot more. For example, bitcoin on bitfinex lowest price was 13.7k and on binance 12.7k usd (30 min ago). We shouldn't want exchanges trading alts vs btc, it should be better when exchanges trade alts vs a usdt or other valuta.
評論: Guys, it's simple what I do. I'm mostly in usdt! What I do I keep save here. Just wait it out. If we get a breakout and i'm 100% sure the retracement is over I go long.

Or when we drop I just buy alts at the support zones I drawed for btc.
評論: We just dropped below support. Carefull now.

評論: We're starting to drop again! The red numbers are finally happening. Watch the buy zones I provided.
solid work, good TA. you have my follow
I see a perfect bearish flag there - it still managed to held it's support for the 3rd time. Another bad news and we're in a free fall.
South Korea is 2nd largest consumer for crypto....this is major, its like if Saudi ran out of oil....
south korea ban has every one baffled...selling to be safe...for now will watch market tomorrow.
So what's the entry...? Suddenly everyone is silent.
@JoeSmo, 8.5k is most likely.
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redking75 kristapaul
@kristapaul, Yes, this is why. But remember people what happened with China not too long ago?? That's right, BTC bounced back and made a new ATH.
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kristapaul redking75
@redking75, Totally. I think it will be a brief flash crash. Good time to buy!
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mak1986 kristapaul
@kristapaul, The korean market sure will crash alot but do you think this will happen to the rest of the world? Koreans prices was also just excluded from Coin Market Cap
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