Bitcoin Profit, What Next?

Hi Traders,

Firstly, i hope everyone was able to take advantage of the trade signal sent here on the 13th December.

The market started to decelerate and show signs of a pullback / consolidation as it approached the $20,000 level which was a cause for concern meaning the position was cut just that little bit short.

I am now looking for a pullback towards $18,000 and $17,800 at which point i can reevaluate the whole setup.

I hope everyone has a great week in the market.

Tom Hall.
評論: Pre Trade Analysis.

評論: Risk management is key in any position, but especially in Crypto's where the volatility can be extreme.

評論: New Trade Setup.

評論: With the deceleration and bearish RSI divergence on many timeframes a correction has now occurred.
What's next?

hello what platform are you using to trade this pair? i am interested. thanks
TomHall DarielFX
@DarielFX, Hi,

Unfortunately legally not something i can talk about, however the brokers are very easy depending on what your looking for customer service, broker spread, particular charting software ect.
Thanks, Tom, for the excellent TA!
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TomHall Inspirar
@Inspirar, My pleasure, thanks very much for the message.
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Thanks for the video!!
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TomHall dundeeboi
@dundeeboi, My pleasure :-)
Amazing, love it.
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TomHall AcePhoenix
@AcePhoenix, Thanks very much for the message.
Wow, awesome market analysis.
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TomHall benji13
@benji13, Really appreciate the message.
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