Bitcoin Trading using Legendary WD Gann

Failure to break above 1x1 tells us we have a change in Trend and Buyers are weak

Short entry, on breaking 1x2 line, stop loss breaking above 1x2 or above last major top depending on your preferred risk management.

Further confirmation will be shown by taking horizontal Fib support at 12,500 (which at tiome of writing is holding up Bitcoin market), where we can add to the position as Momentum picks up.

If significant break below 11,000 it could precipitate a further fall over time.
I have question for you : there is a sum of 2300 unit BTC with ready buyers bids on poloniex the last at 8000usd/btc / sum 1000 last at 9000 its seam a lot how ever it is representing 1.5 h of trading during panic organized sale-off, so no wonder the volatility:
On the other side there is around half of sell offers (1200 BTC)
on the 16 01 2017 at 09:30 the 30 min volume was 1330 BTC.. so in such days do you think amount of bid are too small and then that why BTC go down because most sell are hidden?
Is those simple idea can be taken in account for trading?
Nicely done Sean!
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bad ass short well done!
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Why Litecoin is just following Bitcoin? Is like the same...
VonCrypto ing_israel
@ing_israel, Built on the same blockchain
chefluc ing_israel
@ing_israel, as well as 95% NEO included :-(
Nice heads up, wish i saw it earlier
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