Bitcoin downtrend- BTC still the KING

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Hi everyone,
BTC' started its incredible uptrend from 13th November and reached 19.8k on 17th December. The price rose 3.5x from 5.5k level within this period. I feel this bull run was manipulated heavily and hence BTC' is in downward trend since 2 months. We failed to break the trend twice and hence BTC' remains bearish .

Another test of 6k support may be expected, this will create a double bottom and a bounce from this level is healthy for further growth of BTC'. I don't expect BTC' to go further down unless another FUD graces us.

For all those who bought BTC' at greater than 15,000 levels, HODL. BTC' is known for its amazing bull runs. Also think long term, you will be in profit. BTC' transaction fees are decreasing and transactions are getting faster. The lightning network is yet to be implemented. Do you see this amazing potential in Bitcoin'? I hope you do, else you are missing a huge opportunity.

BTC is the King, patience is testing us.

Watch carefully and enter in BTC when the downtrend breaks.

Thank You!!

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