Bitcoin, Bear market? I don´t think so!!

Hi Guys.

Here is an updated video of the previous B chart we posted. The price played out as expected and we do not see this as bearish is anyway.

Have a fantastic new years and may 2018 be our best year yet!
Like from me i like your explanation everything very clear :)
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@webjobs654, Thanks! glad you like it.
Thank you for your opinion!
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@hsworks, sure thing
"At This Time" -- "12-31-2017" -- "ONLY ONE HOUR LEFT IN" --- "2017"
There is only a 33.3% or less chance "BITCOIN" will make a "New All Time HIGH" in the near "FUTURE"
"I" do think -- "Bitcoin" -- could try to make a "New All Time High" in the near future.
First Major Support = $12,050.00 Low --- Date = 12-30-2017 --- This is a "Big One"
Second Major Support = $11,159.93 Low --- Date = 12-22-2017 --- This "Could Get Very Wild" -- "UP or DOWN"
"IF" these support levels are taken out -- "BITCOIN" -- could be in "Big Trouble"
This is just my opinion only. --- ( "I" am just sharing what "I" see )
This is for information only. ----------- This is not a recommendation to buy or sell anything
"Please" have a very "Happy" and "Safe" ---- "NEW YEAR" --- "EVERY ONE"

"One Eye Jim"

@jeffreyjim, there is a 133.3% chance bitcoin will make a new all time high!
jeffreyjim ApeX_Trading_Group
@ApeX_Trading_Group, "I" said in the near future. (Not Never)
"I" am only sharing -- WHAT "I" SEE. = "BEAR"
"YOU" are sharing -- "WHAT "YOU" SEE = "BULL"
This is how the markets work. --- "Yes" or "No"
---------------- "Bulls" and "Bears"
---------------- "Happy New Year"

"One Eye Jim"
sparksss ApeX_Trading_Group
@ApeX_Trading_Group, This is a very optimistic view, i doubt it will go higher without the completion of the massive Head & Shoulder all the way to $8k or $9k, anyway, we will see.
thanks for the video!
@sparksss, Just explaining what the chart shows me. cheers
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