If BTC goes to 14 000

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Guys, the big players are here and they play with the exchanges to drain your wallets. It already happened with BTC             18 000 - 11 000. Now, the possible comming jump of BTC             will be sudden and you will not see it. It will happen probably for 1 or 2 minutes. If you ask how, please, refer to my previous posts. All the TA that others are selling you are no longer valid! Sorry!
評論: Bloomberg just announced a software that is helping the Wall Street guys to fill in the gaps in the cryptotrade on institutional level. Actually it is already existing (they are saying it is in planning phase), that is why the market looks so weird two months yet. So, no longer valid TAs, when someone can enter and with couple of million to change price 10% for minutes even without loosing his own money, betting on his own offers.
評論: And you are right guys. It becomes worse than gambling.
評論: The whole point is to sell high everything bought on the way down. Then sure they will dump it to 9 000, or lower, to make those cicle again. I believe first there would be a sudden pump. It will drain the Alts firts. When they sell their BTC will engage the ALTs, and then...all will go to the middle of nowhere. The fact is that the TAs do not work anymore. You see it is obvious. They can not step on any fundamentals. It is all about exchange manipulation and twits that are actually TRX Justin SinER`s alike. Here you see the example of drainned TRX - 7 cents out of 17 just a month ago.
Speaking of BTC, ETH, NEO - You see, on 30 minute chart, on 1 hour, on 4 hours it was all bearish. Lacking of bull volume. Going down, and there we go. On major exchanges some tens of millions for a minute, and trend is reversed. How about that. You can even see now people panicing selling and draining their wallets of ETH or BTC pair with USDT and so on after the small artificial pump, on the minute chart. It is almost a vertical line.Soon the BOTS will be restarted again, and again. People think that 2018 will be as good as 2017. I doubt it.
They can dump below 9000 it in 1 or 2 minutes too, you know.
On what ? On assumption ? Your guess? It's even worse than gambling...
Don't quit your day job
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