BTC Bullish Continuation

Easy to continue to hold my 40% BTC position left, as I move up stop losses under the higher level of support created.
4 hour bull flag confirmed, then a 4 hour inside bar breaks bullish .
Hourly EMA 12 support holding as well keeping the bulls in control.
I will continue to move my stop loss up on newly created support to ensure locking in the rest of this month maker trade.
From there back to patient and waiting for the next trade setup to come to me.
We are still looking for the weekly equilibrium to take the price to the upper $8ks but that could be over the course of a couple weeks.
Congrats bulls! Let's see daily higher lows form when consolidation begins to set a new daily support.
Do you recon we could first see a pullback to around 7700 before the continuation?
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"the course of a couple weeks."
These words will haunt me over the course of...
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