BTC 6-hour forecast. Machine learning.

The next forecast will be published tomorrow.

Dear colleagues and followers,

We have not been uploading any forecasts for almost two months now. Hope you missed us. This was due to the fact that we were calibrating and perfecting our models to fully capture the intraday and long-term movements of cryptocurrency prices and to come up with better forecasts for your free use in your trading and research.

Our results are a combination of the output of a variety of sophisticated contemporary data analysis and machine learning techniques such as XBoosting, Random Forest, Neural Networks etc. We try to synthesise their best features while avoiding their limitations. Our models allow us to simultaneously predict high, low and closing prices for various financial instruments (in this particular case, cryptocurrencies) with great degree of accuracy. Predicted values of high, low and closing prices with their 95% confidence intervals are illustrated on the chart with green, red and blue rectangles, respectively.

Currently, we are developing an extended version of our framework that will allow users to receive up-to-date forecasts every six hours via e-mail or any other preferred communication channel. However, this service, unfortunately, cannot be provided for free as our project requires further investment to improve the quality of our models and predictions. If you would like to support our project, you could send a monthly fee to a PayPal "osirisai.project@gmail.com" and specify your e-mail address and a currency pair of interest in the description, and in two days you would start receiving regular forecast notifications.

Monthly subscription fees:
1) Basic subscription plan: one currency pair of your choice (up-to-date forecasts every 6 hours) - $100.00
2) In perspective, we plan to develop an upgraded subscription plan for $300.00 monthly that would include seven cryptocurrency pairs with up-to-date forecasts every three, six and 24 hours.

Yours sincerely,
Osiris team
Could you explain more how we should read your charts?
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OsirisAI EmilisAndrulionis
We prepare forecasts for different time ranges. These forecasts help to make a purchasing decision.

The chart shows three groups of "rectangles":
1) Green painted, reflecting the forecast High.
2) Red colored, reflecting the forecast Low
3) With blue borders, reflecting the forecast Close.

The more transparent the color, the lower the probability of price in this range.
This information helps to make more effective trading decisions. For example, if a 6-hour candle started in the red low-probability zone, then it would be better to open a long position, or wait with the sale.
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