Bitcoin: bulls & bears fighting.

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Bulls tried to take control but were stopped by the bears.
The stops occurred on 50 SMA and 50 RSI line but bulls are not giving up yet.
It's a hard battle for the bulls at that level to be won today. But who know?
From this distance we cannot see what is going on.
評論: MACD crossed when price crossed that dinamic trendline coming down.
評論: BTC is holding there for the time being. lol
評論: Those arrows pointing down is a possible scenario
評論: It depends who win the fight. Bears stopped the bulls but bulls are not giving up.
評論: That green candle must be an impulse of some kind that helped BTC to attack the 50 SMA.
評論: This is how it look on 3min chart
評論: In shorter timeframes you have to take into account other elements.
評論: Hope from here you can see the attack.
A positive sign is that is stopped above that resistance just broken.
評論: Is it a 1st wave? Has the price completed a 5wave patterns already?
評論: Don't know yet. We need to be patient and prepare ourselves.
評論: This is the 4hours chart (the one at the beginning was 3hours chart)
In this chart BTC is in that upword channel going towards that 50 SMA trendline and approaching the 50 RSI line from below.
評論: That top trendline of the upper channel looks inviting does't it?
評論: Previuos candlestick spiked up there
評論: Volumes dont look as solid as in the 3hours chart though.
評論: That 50SMA could push the price down when hit. Always be carefull.
評論: I think I go to bed. Night.
評論: Cannot sleep thinking about bearish pressure. lol
評論: Hope it does not do.
Be prepared for any circumstance.
評論: It's tuesday and that weekly candlestick don't look promising.
It could make a full red body completing a three black crown
It could spike it
It could make a doji
Form a morning star
I don't know. lol
評論: Good morning people
評論: Will bulls try another attempt for that 50SMA?
評論: How do volumes look?
評論: Going for a coffee, see you later
評論: If it does not dip again but holds may be trying an attack to the 100SMA in the hourly chart. Let's follow it and see how it unfolds. Please be carefull and patient. I am not a trader and these are not meant to be financial advises but only my personal views. Thank you for following and sharing your ideas. See you in a bit.
評論: This is the scenario in which one of many outcome may occur
評論: BTC may break that resistence and go for that vertex in the short-term. This would be the 2nd impulse after the come back of yesterday.
評論: This may also happen if bulls loose momentum and fall again under the bearish pressure. If it does it we need to see how supports react. Wait for the right moment. Be patient. Watch the price and it's moves and try to feel it.
評論: If price goes that low and RSI don't follow we will have a big divergence for the upside and may present a nice opportunity too. Let's see
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