BTCUSD Bitfinex Longs vs Shorts

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Simply shows BTC/USD on Bitfinex overlaying short and long interest on the same chart. Very powerful leading indicators.
Where can I see that graph? Is it a graph of the number of people shorting on bitfinex v the number of people buying bitcoin to sell higher?
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i meant does it show the amount of shorts and longs or the BTC volume for each? Thanks
Hi, great chart. Does it show the amount of shorts or the BTC volume?
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thx mate, looks very interesting but I'm finding it a bit confusing, could someone please help explain this chart? like why the longs are increasing and shorts decreasing around Feb 4th but the price is decreasing
@Moondogau, Theoretically every transaction has a buyer and a seller on either side but when the price drops it means that buyers are willing to WAIT for a price decline and sellers are EAGER to get out by dropping the price.
Something really cool looking about your’s frameable man.
this chart shows, how important is 8k right now.
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