16K BTC, onto ATH 20K

Lots of consolidation in BTC recently, this allowed for technical to settle as well. MACD has now crossed, potential for inverse H&S patter and near term tgt of 16K. I like blockchains as a trade her and grabbed some $TEUM (2.38)and small position in others.
評論: TEUM holding the trendline and with the BTC buy signal I believe that this is a good risk/reward area to try a long.
交易結束:達到停損點: idea partially worked, saw the original bounce off the MACD cross but there was lack of continuation, stop losses were hit onto the next trade idea.
評論: from the cross we had about 1200 move on the coin, maximizing profits would have only come with a trailing stop in this situation.
This is not technical analysis its nonsense. but I'm glad to see your bullish. Good luck
WalterWhitesMoney TheCryptAlpha
@TheCryptAlpha, thanks for your valuable input, please continue to provide such insight.
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