Extremely risky to trade bitcoin. Patience and wait it out!

We're in a extremely dangerous time to trade the bitcoin or any alt-coin.

Last week/months cryptocurrancies where extremily overhyped and they still are. Almost everyone knows it's an extreme bubble. And one time it will fall, but it also will go up again. I think there is a huge possibillity we get another more extreme drop, remember the market is way to -overhyped and overpriced.

Also cryptocurrancies like the bitcoin have no possible usecase and the real world. Lots of people see the bitcoin as a store of value, well I don't because the bitcoin doesn't have a physical product like gold has, the only thing they have in commen is that they have a maximum total supply.

Also remember what happened in 2013/2014, everybody was crazy with the bitcoin , and suddently it dropped like crazy.

So if people ask me what to do? Well I say stay in usd(t). Remember with money you can easily make other money especcially with cryptocurrancies. If we stay in alt-coins or bitcoin what can we gain atm? Maybe 10/20%, thats not worth the risk! Because if we drop we can drop more than 50%. And remember when you lose 50%, you need to gain 100% to get break even.

For people wanna go short. We can short the bitcoin when we drop below the 12k. But we need to set the stop-losses at 13.5k. It's risky.
評論: We can open long trades when we break above the channel. I don't think it will happen, I think we reach the 8k first.

Unfortanate I won't be much online the upcomming days. Because of christmas. Watch the demand zones at 7.5 - 8k. Carefull with shorts and don't be to greedy to buy in to fast! Watch for a real breakout first.

評論: Hi there! We opened the long trade on 13.1k closed it just before the resistance at 14.2k. Atm we facing a huge resistance. If we wanna open a long trade we want confirmation of the up trend when we break the red restisance or when we're above the 14.4k usd.

BTW. The payed group is gonna happen, I will send everybody who reached out to me a pm or e-mail today with some questions. It will probably start from thirsday 28th of december.
評論: The first target will be 19.5k usd. From here we can make a double top going down and forming a huge triangle to break out to go to even higher levels or we see a fall back. I will post here when it's happening.

For the people reached out to me about the payed (signal) group and didn't received the details about the group yet, please send me an e-mail at
When everybody was bullish on BTC. you were the only one warning us!
Now everybody can see who the wizard is!
Well done sir
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you out from alts too?
How do I PM or email you ?
@mccf, You can send me an e-mail at
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Thank you my brader
the suspense. amazing. thanks for the update.
It broke the boundary? Should we open long position?
We saw 13200 at bitfinex so ? no for sell ?
Are we still callin 8? Hanging strong at 13
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