Bitcoin Callouts! ...Now Bullish Bat

Bitcoin Callouts! ...Now Bullish Bat

I have posted callouts on my series of posts on this CryptoMONSTER from the past few weeks.
I have listed every post - please review because the harmonic patterns with ratios are undeniable.
NOW = Bullish Bat @ 1950 for a 4hour trade setup. Wait until UNDER 2000 for the opportunity then we see.
Monitor RSI as well!
More to come...
It broke the bat and said "f*ck you analysts" hahaha BTC is hilarious.
What does BAMM stand for?
@ehaerim, Bat Action Magnet Move (FROM MY HTVOL2 - 2007) = the NATURAL Harmonic Reaction
@ScottCarney could it be btc broke off the bullish bat pattern?
Isnt there a bullish flag forming? if it breaks that trendline the bitcoin could skyrocket and it leaved the RSI oversold area too yesterday... Do you think Scott it is still heading down to 1950 USD?
@sebsar, I saw that too. Someone called a Falling Wedge pattern now. Still could go down based on that. It just took a decisive turn down at @$2500
@vkd2017, I thought so too but I thought that about AMZN in '98 and '08
The best analysis of the year by Master Scott.
@ScottCarney BTW! Maybe you already know this but not shockingly Ethereum beats about exactly like BTC; I was up until 4am last night trying to figure wtf was going on, I setup a 50" 4K TV screen with ETH and BTC charts side by side then I realized I couldn't distinguish between the two!!! The I went back a few months they both had the exact TIME corrections and reactions.
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