Bitcoin Buy Opportunity

The price bounces from the support zone and it gives us a new buy opportunity. RSI confirms price reversal. MACD histogram supports upward movement. Entry level can be above 18000.00 level with stop orders below the support at 17050.00 level. Profit targets should be at 20000.00 and 21000.00 levels. Will it be a profitable signal? I don't know, may be there will be several false reversals before getting good buy signal with good price movement. But we have to use any retracement in order to catch a new upward wave on time. For protecting deposits, we have to use stop orders and proper risk management.
評論: Watch for the price action at 17200.00 support level. This zone is important for further market movement. If the price bounces, we'll have a new buy opportunity. If the markey drops below, new buy opportunities will be in the zone between 16000.00 and 15000.00 levels.
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just shows you no one is always right
Do not click on the 'play' button! :)
BTC making recovery question is 2k or 3k without any stop :)
Does 17200 become a resistance level now? Or correction is over?
TomPower and5555
@and5555, if you read the last paragraph he sees 15 to 16k as the next buy point, own it here.
Unless you have a shit tone of bitcoin. Its not worth buying and selling for 2k profit margin. Rather invest the lows in alts.....
+3 回覆
thomasfar6 ashah1985
@ashah1985, Totally
marcelo998 ashah1985
@ashah1985, but to buy alts you need bitcoin so i'ts best to buy them when bitcoin price is low
IkemenJ marcelo998
@marcelo998, Wouldn't it be funny if the next btc rally was driven by people who needed to reload to buy alts?
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