The price reached a very important zone formed by 8000.00 support, the uptrend line and 7500.00 level. The further market movements will depends on price action in this support zone . If the price breaks the uptrend line and drops below 7500.00 level, we should be ready to see the further falling to the 2nd uptrend line and 7000.00 level. The bearish period may continue for more time.

But let's be optimistic and think about the bullish market. For this the price has to bounce from the support zone and especially from the uptrend line. RSI is not far from the oversold zone and it tells us that the market has potential for going higher. MACD histogram supports the possible upward movement. If the price bounces from the support zone , we'll have a new buy opportunity. The market will be able to reach the previous highs at 9000.00 and 10000.00 levels.
評論: The uptrend line still holds the price. It's good. But for starting a new upward wave, the market has no power, it looks like this. Buyers, where are you?
評論: Well, the bearish period continues. The support zone was broken and the market falls lower. The next possible reversal zone should be at 7000.00 and the uptrend line. Watch for price action in this zone.

評論: Bears are strong. We need a reversal signal from the upper line of the price channel, the uptrend line and 7000.00 level as quickly as possible. In other way the we'll reach 6000.00 level - the market low from Febreary.
評論: All HODLERs need this chart pattern
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according to new research double bottom never holds and it will hold on one condition and that condition is not fulfilled. check t.me/zcrypto for further updates. Thanks
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conall88 zeeshaan001
@zeeshaan001, new research? double bottoms in short periods have been considered bearish for a long time. Why would we expect recently consumed support to be there after it's been consumed? A long period of consolidation is the rare exception that proves the rule, and most arguments gravitate towards what time period the rule is valid in.

TL;DR double bottoms are meant to be broken.
zeeshaan001 conall88
@conall88, oh i thought the chart above showing double bottom and bounce upward!!!!! thats why i mentioned that double bottoms are for to go down further but not always!!!! similarly like H & S and inverse H&S .... not necessarily to act in the same way for bear or bull break!!!!
MrClock zeeshaan001
@zeeshaan001, @conall88 To confirm double botton the price needs to surpass the top between the two funds (11700 level). Meanwhile the double botton is not confirmed.
What happened for the time being was only a confirmation of the support region.
@MrClock, Thanks for your insight!!!!!
All the long holders will be squeezed t.me/zcrypto
angula zeeshaan001
@zeeshaan001, stop advertising your channel.
@angula, ok . sorry
I’m all in. This it the right moment for this wave. Mr Larov, please check the tradunity mailbox. Gr. James
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