BTC/USDT - Buy Opportunity

Hello traders,

Here we have BTC/USDT on the 1H chart.

BTC/USDT has been trading the downside considerably today after peaking at the horizontal resistance zone at 11600. It looks like the correction is over for now and the correction appears to have ended at 10260.

Price is due for some upside. Price has been trading between the upper horizontal resistance zone at 11700 and 10260 for a considerable period of time. There is a side-wards support which I have illustrated on the chart which perfectly coincides with the horizontal support at 10260 so this could prove to be a good opportunity to buy.

I am expecting Bitcoin to have an up move to the horizontal target zone at 11600. Breaking out of the down trend Bitcoin has been in for a long time.

This trade could play out in 2 ways, I have outlined them below:

-Price successfully tests the horizontal support at 10260, and simultaneously tests the side-wards support line simultaneously and then goes to the upside. Since there is a side-ward and horizontal support level in play, this makes the level harder to break, and could prove a nice level for price to finally start getting upside, to the upside to 11600.
-Price retests the support zone at 10260, and the side-wards support line then bounces. The bounce could not have much momentum behind it,
and could result in either: A double bottom ; or an outright failure to the downside.

Bare in mind, that a retest of the lower support at 10260 whist touching the side-wards support line is very beneficial for this trade, as it shows the support is strong and has been acknowledged by multiple traders.

Also bare in mind if price fails at this support. This could be a serious, serious problem for Bitcoin .

I will updating this analysis if it receives more than 40 likes.
評論: Buying has begun right in the area where I predicted price would bounce.

It looks as though Bitcoin is having another fight with the markets. Hoping to see the upwards pressure over the weekend. :)

交易結束:目標達成: We hit target and once again we were perfectly correct about the trend direction on this pair. Well done to everyone to who got in this trade with me.

what will be your next trading advice sir :))
Weldon Tom
TomProTrader VinodSharmab4
@VinodSharmab4, Thanks :)
TomProTrader Ronnaritta
Hi Tom, thanks for the great analysis. I followed this trade. You were spot on. Where do you think the next buying opportunity is?
@nash1nd, Thanks.

I am not quite sure. I'll update it soon in a new idea.
nash1nd TomProTrader
@TomProTrader, Thanks Tom! Looking forward to it.
i think it will still go up to 12400
@Marzo999, Further to 13.2 most likely.
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