BTC short trip up, then back to 10000

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評論: Is this another June-July 2017 dip or a 6 month sideways crawl? Either way it's not going to be over tomorrow. There will be better opportunities for long-terms longs at the 20 week MA !!!
評論: Media Spreads FUD about Bitcoin on Purpose
評論: Here's a 4 hour chart with the daily Ichimoku clouds roughly superimposed. You can see I think there's a good chance we'll go up to about 14000 before returning to 10000. Of course I hope we make the shortest correction. Right now that would be a bounce off the trendline and crossing up through the bearish cloud on the daily chart. That means a return to December highs in about four weeks.

評論: Got a bounce and minor breakout on the inner trading channel, looks like we'll go up to 13700 ish, over the next week or so
評論: Broke up out of next downtrend, if this continues 13k5 in a few days

評論: Robinhood trading app starts free BTC trading !
評論: CME futures and Japan exchange fud collide. We still have good support above the 20 week MA and that for me is a very good sign, particularly since the week is almost done. I'm hopeful of a better course next week.

評論: CME futures expire in less than 4 hours. Keep a steady hand:
評論: We're still in a triangle pattern, there's support but momentum is still low.
評論: I have a tendency to jinx any BTC update I make, but I'll risk it because things are looking pretty sweet right now.

You'll notice that we're still in the cloud of the 4 hour chart, we need to break out of this after which it's up to 13.8 k. Some are saying 15 k, which might be. The only thing I'd say is the resistance clouds on the 1 day charts (roughly superimposed here) are blocking the way, but we could really push through.
Afterwards expect a drop down to 10.5 k. Happy trading!
評論: I should also say that there's a bullish cross forming on the 4h - it's good :)
評論: Try and buy the trendline if you want to buy in. I don't think it will go below the thicker one. Might bounce on the smaller one first though.

評論: I really like this guys analysis. Very simple and to the point:
評論: here's a 4 hour chart, nothing to say really still going up. My swing trades take place over days, weeks, months. I don't scalp or day trade so today's panic (take a look in the trollbox, sorry chatroom) is meaningless for me. We still have good support and I still see BTC going to the top of its trading channel before it comes down again.
thanks for the video, checking it out.
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