Hi guys,

I post today a BTCUSDT TA. I have studied the ALTs move yesterday, they are clearly non-phasic with BTC ( BTC goes up, alt goes down; BTC goes down, alts goes up).

Here's my in-head analysis :

Fist step was to see on macro chart if an uptrend was possibly forming :

BTC touched 3 time 11kish support. Strong support tested and not broken usually annouce a bullish trend forming. Switching to BTC 1D, looking at MACD 1D, bullish trend forming. We see the trend pointing up toward the signal. Low chance to re-test a support, more chance to go upward. Lower band Bollinger interaction+++. RSI said not oversold not overbought.

Micro analysis (current chart) :

We see a nice first impulse with strong support with. Every indicators consolidate and give an indication of more impulses to come. the famous Elliot 1-5 impulse wave everyone have already seen about. Our wave 3 target show a stop near 20K, the last ATH , which is very logical since this is a resistance. I found the wave 3 target with the Bollinger band indicator on the BTC 1D chart

Option A) We see a compressive (higher lows, lower highs) corrective triangle, a classic one with an ABCDE projected point. Impulse #3 after point E.

Option B) I putted an WXY. If the pattern extend overtime we must be aware about a possible WXY horizontal pattern. But this one is unlikely to appear since we have higher lows and lower highs. So why i putted it on the chart ? Because on the MACD 1d chart, BTC may take a little bit more time to consolidate before the next impulse.

This current chart have been made according to my macro TA. I have seen Hae Jin works, i fully agree with his projection and my work resume to the same target.

-But Simon, why you say 'arbitrary' in your title, was is this ?

Arbitrary is where someone will trade, for example, ALTs coin to profit of a BTC bullish run. By moving out liquidity from ALTs and going massively into BTC , we see non-phasic ALTs/BTC market where BTC gain value and ALTs suffer proportionnal loss value (sometime greater loss). You and me can do this by trading XXX/BTC.

This hypothesis is very probable since yersterday shown clear symptoms of it (massive drop for ALT for a 1.5k gain with BTC ). I think the next BTC bull run will drive the ALTts down . AS for now, ALTs are clearly non-phasic with BTC .

For example : X/Y and X=1, Y=1 so 1/1. Non phasic market is where (1-0.25)0.75/1.25(1+0.25). X will suffer a -25% loss and Y will gain 25%. but if you compare the ratio, Y win alot more than just 25%. It (Y) gains almost 40% compared to X. This is where arbitrary become very interesting.

Non-phasic market contains infinity of information for your next move. The coins that will suffer heavy will reflect that they have low holder dominance.
評論: Edit : plz note that point 1 and 2 of 1-5 elliot wave are voluntary putted higher and lower to make graph clearer
評論: need to break upper trend
評論: upper resistance broken ! lets see how it goes
評論: MACD shows sign of consolidation for an impulse, maybe it gonna extend a little bit more. will post an update if so
交易進行: Hi guys, im posting an update from a different point of view. Same target, different form. Maybe BTC may need a little bit more time to consolidate near this level or maybe it will jump up on the very short term like expected on my first post. :
交易進行: First step
評論: second step should impulse soon
評論: should have saw this alternate count
Thanks for the notice, approximately when?
@Ox1, cant really say time frame because i cant predict these value precisely
Hi, what you think will happen to alt coins once BTC makes big moves?
SimonMercier patelcrypto
@patelcrypto, see the part where i talk about the arbitrary advantage
Great plan, actually one with the lower risks, just wait for the king to make a move up, and buy cheap alts. Also in the last comment, you mentioned that resistance was broken. When approximately you're expecting btc to make a move?
@Ox1, the prange upper line is the upper trend. i may make a little update later with new chart data to precise my projection
Ox1 SimonMercier
@SimonMercier, thanks, your TA are great. I wish you have the fresh one for SC.
@Ox1, will post a serie of TA named 'Serie A coins'. where i will recommended a bunch of good looking coins to make portofolio with !
Ox1 SimonMercier
@SimonMercier, good news! I'll wait for that =)
Enjoy reading your TA's. Thank you!
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