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Possible sea food menu, who is in?
it`s a very risky move to make any move now...
I am. All-in; sort w/ 5x leverage. Belive in Jesus and pray.
mightytrader mightytrader
@mightytrader, *short
EduardoRamirezdb mightytrader
@mightytrader, i would personally not do any trades now, it`s a very risky situation, the trends and patterns change in a fraction of a second
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mightytrader EduardoRamirezdb
@EduardoRamirezdb, I believe in The Messiah. I have no fear of Whales. Jesus will make Whales into food and feed to the poor.

But you would say the whales have taken over and working to screw over the professional trader? I mean they already had eaten up the amateur investors. Do you think they are now playing games with the trading man that trades by the charts?
EduardoRamirezdb mightytrader
At this moment it can go either way, i seen these days the target missing just a few satoshi just to change the pattern very fast, i will stay more and wait, i`m a small trader, in the amateur area, the risk is too big for me, i`m not making moves until i have 3 targets confirmed. I don`t short or long, i just do simple day trading.
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