BTC to 5K by the end of August

So in my last BTC chart I called 3K around the end of August and 4K by the mid of October. Things escalated super quickly though after the hard fork and segwit approval. Since then BTC has been a megabull the likes the world has never seen.

So looking at the chart everything looks pretty amazing. The cloud support is strong and increasing. The lagging span looks strong. The RSI is super strong and the Stoch shows that BTC is nearly oversold!

I see one of two scenarios playing out.

1. BTC rises to previous resistance and then falls back towards previous support (which it may not actually touch) before bouncing and going for another bull run. In this scenario we would hit 5K by the end of August.
2. BTC falls a bit slower to the previous support and consolidates for a while before bouncing and heading up to 5K. In this scenario we would be at 5K around the first week of September.

Of course for all of this to take place there has to be the money to support it. So keep an eye on the total market cap value. It's currently at $136 billion USD (for all of crypto), and it has been increasing roughly $1 billion every 1-2 days for the past week or so. If money keeps flooding in BTC should keep rising. Hopefully the alts will begin to follow soon!

Happy trading.
評論: Facing resistance at the top of the mid (yellow) channel. Forming a triangle. Decision time soon.

評論: Potentially triggered on 15 minute chart. 5 minutes until candle closes...
評論: Trigger confirmed. More upwards movement if we pass 4187.
評論: Close to a new ATH

評論: Strap yourselves in, launching soon.

評論: Total crypto market cap up to $139.5 billion. That's an increase of $3 billion since yesterday. Potential fuel for more upside.
評論: Total crypto market cap now $141 billion USD. That's an increase of $1.5 billion since I last updated 3 hours ago!
評論: So far so good. Minor correction. No real dramas.

評論: Support line at 3873 held strong and now BTC is hugging the base line (yellow MA).
評論: Potential H&S beware

評論: BTC still hugging the lines of scenario 1. Also, total crypto market cap has increased to $143.7 billion. Money still flooding in.
評論: How strong is your hand?
評論: Better shot
評論: Total crypto market cap $145.7 billion.
評論: Possible ascending triangle. Probably the reason alts are slowing.
評論: Probably see a bounce off strong support here
評論: Total market cap $153.3 billion USD.
評論: Looks like a pump is underway, might even test ATH today. Hopefully alts don't crash again.
評論: Bittrex chart, but same applies to Polo
評論: Potential inverted H&S signalling upside
評論: Well that was close
評論: VERY early, but keep an eye on this. If it completes, R.I.P all time high
評論: Total market cap = $158 billion USD
評論: Scenario 2 seems to be playing out nicely.
評論: Total market cap - $164.8 billion USD
評論: Total market cap before the crash was roughly $180 billion USD. No dramas though, this is MUCH needed consolidation. BTC will be back up in no time.
評論: We are still WELL within the pitchfork. Nothing to worry about yet folks. This will just fuel more upside in the coming weeks and months
評論: Inverted H&S forming
spot on great work
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Brisben Belcara
@Belcara, thanks! Pretty happy :)
So do you think it's bullish now?
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