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Easy mathematics
But you need to know this!
評論: If you lost 10% you need to earn 11.11% and so on...
評論: you have $100, and it drops 20%. Now you have $80 left. To get back from $80 to $100 = +25%
altcoins loss now 80% :(
2018 i will back price 400% :)
good luck
thanks sir..
Will altcoins drop more or are they going up?
yvofox trim202
@trim202, Depends on the market itself, If BTC is rising people wil move altcoins to BTC, if BTC start to drop then altcoins will follow. But if BTC is consolidation altcoins will go up.
If a Whale will pump a coin everyone wants to get in and the price rises quickly.

But it totally depends on the coin and market itself
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trim202 yvofox
@yvofox, thanks for explanation. Im holding a few alt. And im getting little nerves.
yvofox trim202
If you just started trading, especially with crypto, take care not to go all-in or move big money around.
Mistakes are very costly in crypto because it's s volatile. I have been trading for like 5 months now and I'm starting the understand it now. It's hard work imo.
Since BTC has grown so much it is bound to fall a bit as it is doing right now. If it drops really quick most of the altcoins will drop as hard
@yvofox, btc
btc drastically reduced antcoin will decrease? . btc increase in antcoin will also decrease?
yvofox letruongbx6
Some people will use some altcoins as a hedge when BTC is decreasing. Depending on which altcoin will hold it's value, depending on the market. But most altcoins will drop aswell.
Most of the time when BTC is raising quickly people will move their altcoins to BTC to ride the wave. When BTC is consolidating at a certain level there will flow money in altoins again.
But for right now, BTC had dropped some and is recovering a bit atm. Probably because the drop (percentage wise) wasn't that big. For now the alts compared to BTC are still holding
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@yvofox, Everyone wants BTG on November 2. So I think from now until 2/11 altcoin price will bleed (decrease). What do you think?
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