A tale of two bitcoins

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I'v been trying to understand the relationship between the two biggest bitcoins . We need strong BTC bull run because that is going to pull BCH up (as well as a whole bunch of over coins).

I think we're on the verge of a new uptrend, BTC is riding all along and testing the downtrend line. Soon it will break.

What do you think? I would like to see how the newly popular alts like ADA , XLM etc etc fit in here too, might be interesting.
評論: Looks like we're going up (the curve is just very rough, but if it goes anything like this is going to be a crazy ride)

Interesting chart. Yeah, that battle of 2 coins has become overkill the last weeks in league with soap operas. Then there's so many bitcoin (core) hardforks, it's a bit hard to keep track of, such as: Bitcoin Cash BCH (only pre-segwit original "bitcoin"), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Bitcoin Dark (BTCD), Bitcoin Plus (XBC), BitcoinZ (BTCZ), Bitcoin Red (BTCRED), Bitcoin Fast (BCF), Bitcoin Silver (BTCS), Bitcoin Segwit2X (B2X), Bitcoin Cash Plus, Bitcoin Diamond, bla bla bla... I count at least a dozen.
@Inspirar, Thanks a lot. Right, it is really hard to see what the point of most of these forks is other than making coins for the developers. I do think Bitcoin Gold is interesting, it seems to be gaining a more significant following than the others, but then Doge coin was made as a joke and has its hardcore fans. About Bitcoin Cash I do think it provides a good and simple solution to the scaling issue, as I'm not a fan of the lightning network. The LN's hubs needed to provide payment channels for ordinary users represent another weakening of decentralisation. These commercial hubs will essentially control payments for most users and will no doubt provide an entry point for the old order to gain influence over the network.

About the chart: Dash also follows pretty much the same path as Bitcoin Cash. This is not the same for other alts like Litecoin. I see Dash as a true competitor to Bitcoin Cash both as an investment and technologically. Litecoin will end up with the same scaling issues as Bitcoin once more users start adopting it.

Personally I feel that Bitcoin's massive growth has been helped by these alternative coins. As BTC starts to crash money flows into them creating a kind of dampening affect and when they start to correct as well we see other, more volatile alts become the focus of attention until Bitcoin is ready to take up the reigns again. This is just my thesis, no proof provided. I no longer fear a massive cryptocrash although bear markets always possible, because I think we'll see the development of a kind of cyclic markets similar to the inter-relationship of stocks, bonds and commodities. The main thing is to keep the money within the cryptosphere.

Have a good one. :)
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