BTG Sure Gains, Just Hold in it

We could be seeing a similar breakout case to that of BCD             , but less extreme due to the nature of BCD             compression, slipping the mind of people, and then large natural growth. BTG             is well on its way to a similar growth pattern, if you want to day trade then jump in and out. My advice is not to worry and just hold in it.

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交易進行: 5 minute time scale; very nice cup and handle, handle is done forming
評論: fyi slow volumes for today, monday news is supposed to be announced for bitcoin gold
評論: Watch the volumes as they are fluctuating showing that btg is being manipulated around, if the first thing you do when you see a graph move down slightly is panic you shouldn't be trading crypto. This has been listed as a long term pick for me.
交易進行: Watching an upside down cup formation on the 15 minute charts, this means it is likely to rise slightly to 0.02 before a sharp drop to 0.0187 or 0.016 which I'm sure will be a fast movement (sell at 0.02, then wait for its base to buy and gain coins). If you bought at a higher level then this will make up for losses before we see a good uptrend. I've also noticed a large buy wall at 0.0115 like someone is anticipating it will go to that level. If it drops that low then we are looking at gaining a lot more coins when we buy in! :)
評論: I'm watching a bull pennant formation, instead of the previous comment, and will be posting a new chart showing the pennant when it is confirmed. If it is a pennant, it will bounce off of 0.0182 btc and move up again; else my previous comment holds true. The bull pennant would be a very strong indicator that a break out is within a day or so. (Just letting people know who are not on discord so everyone isn't setting a buy at 0.016 and going to sleep)
評論: New chart posted; you can still hodl long term, but I'm concerned about the bearish market right now leading to a drop to 0.012 where I have a buy set
FYI this is still a great long term hold, I'm unsure how there is confusion regarding it's short term progressions. If you can't day trade, walk away for a few months/weeks rather than staring at the graphs for days.
Erg...BCD, all hard forks etc are sitting right on their triangle supports. Could break either careful with these PnDs.
available on binance:
Could you pls update when breakout begins
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@Axoi, sure
@Axoi, If I'm watching at the time
at least we must hodl till monday
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buying right now a good idea?
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Flash_back cdittrich13
@cdittrich13, IMHO yes, we are just above the breakout and with these target you are looking at 200% - 300% gains even at this buy in.

DYOR as always though.

FYI, I'm in BTG as well.
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