A Golden Monster Trade?

Currently price is trading at the edge of a major classic fibo support. If we can stay above this level ($157) it could trigger a bullish rally taking out resistance levels along the way. AB=CD harmonic pattern suggests trading is to be expected above $577 within the next 19 days. Thus, MIN TP can be set at the $677 fibo extension, and its possible to look higher for a MID TP of $888 and a MAX TP of $1000 down the road a little. Additional bullish confirmation can be sought from an RSI value over 50 and a breach of the EMA 25 on the 4HR.

Alternatively, if we breach the major classic fibo support zone , we have strong support at the max consolidation range around $100.

Cheers and GLWT!
評論: We breached the major classic fibo support zone. Sooooo we are probably heading toward max consolidation. That will give us a very nice opportunity!!! XD
評論: YES!
評論: Price action is telling us this is likely gonna be the case.
評論: Will BTC interrupt our party?
手動結束交易: 70% in 2 days... I'm good for now. Will keep ya'll updated.
評論: Wedge broke down!
評論: EMA is still holding us up... and its a bigger flag now ;)
交易結束:目標達成: FLAG TP HIT and some! Congrats, we are sitting with over 150% ROE so far. Let's wait for the next pattern. FYI a close above $410 is very bullish. BUT we are over the purple channel now, so its getting a lil top heavy.
評論: Be advised that this entire upward move could have been a corrective move. So be prepared to exit your entire positions and closer to the bottom blue channel line. IT COULD GO HIGHER...but now you know ;)
評論: **wait at the bottom blue channel line...
評論: Consolidation?
評論: We fell out of the channel, so it may be resistance now.
評論: ANother opportunity to enter this trade. I dont recommend stops tho.
交易結束:達到停損點: Careful as we are testing supports against BTC.
評論: USD chart is still bullish!
評論: Original plan invalidated. We still made lots of money! Thread closed.
So we are all very excited when BTG will rise finally.
Agency lordvalium
@lordvalium, haha this original idea is no longer valid. I'll post a forcast soon.
+1 回覆
@Agency, yeah please I entered at $338
lordvalium AzeemMajeed
@AzeemMajeed, I entered at 330 :)
It went to $1200 on bithumb, now looks like an ABC correction? It impacted the rally of BCH today
Agency imkeshav
@imkeshav, it went that high today? The BCH rally hit a technical resistance. It needs to consolidate to go further. IF anything, what we are currently seeing (upward movement in BTG) is an ABC correction.
@Agency, Thanks! can you do a chart for BCH. Also BTG is said to be a scam coin? There is an article of a backdoor entry to wallets
Agency imkeshav

I do zero fundamental research when it comes to cryptos...the charts are the democratic expression of investors. That's all that matters. News makes the price move faster tho!
@Agency, Thanks!
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