POLONIEX:BTSBTC   BitShares / Bitcoin
BTS Hero has shut his mouth, broke out of consolidation mid december after breaking downtrend in OCT-NOV.

This is a long-term hold for me.


Functional Decentralized Exchange, and extremely quick. can handle 3300TP/s, median confirmation time is 1.5 seconds, over 100X times faster than BTC , quicker than DASH, ETH, Cash, and LTC. It can handle over 285 MILLION daily transactions at a cost of 1 cent per transaction. Blockchain can handle close to 1 million operations daily. over 20 million blocks produced to date. BTS is leading decentralized exchange sector, and once it grows can beginn to take market share from centralized markets such as Bittrex and Binance.

Decentralized exchanges will be one of the big things in 2018, next to MJ, masternodes, new hashing algorithms, real ICOs, anonymity, zero fee coins, atomic swaps, and more.

BTS seems to have been working on their stuff on the down-low, more focused on the foundation before scaling.

This says a lot about the team, this is clearly a long term project.

BTS is in my core holdings for 2018.
You forgot another killer feature, which is getting adopted and used by former chinese centralised exchanges. smart assets, stablecoins pegged to USD, CNY, EUR, KRW. Each pegged currency is backed by at least 1.75x of bts
making it better than usdt.
Almost $100.000.000 of bts has been locked up since some weeks due to demand of bitCNY. Will be increasing majorly, as bithumb is rumoured to adopt bitKRW.
patelcrypto Touzalt75
@Touzalt75, Thanks for the information... I will not sell my BTS holdings any time soon.
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