BTSBTC testing crucial support

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There is nothing more to say. Seeing people trading BTS for BTC show that technological superiority have been lost between greed and speculation.

When people trading a leading tech for a old one :
When people trading an assets leading a decentralized exchange to hold BTC on a centralized exchange.
When people decide trading a SEC compliant assets. ( (

I could add many more arguments, but i dont believe that im talking to a majority of investor but a majority of 'where is my lambo' 'moon' short term speculator. There is a lot of non sense in the crypto world and i think that my place is with BTS team and not here posting chart. I keep receiving msg from people wanting to know the next 15 min projection so they can short it and buy back and short and buy back but cant answer the simple question : do you know what is block chain ? Do you know what you are buying ? Just look bitconnect, people was buying a non sense hundreds of dollars (!?) and people didnt known that they was buying a ponzi scheme now they crying on internet.

It might be fractals in play, but right now BTS testing crucial support.
評論: For people that dont belive me when i say a major US exchange will get busted this year :

Washington, DC — The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) today announced the agenda for the upcoming Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) public meeting that will be held on Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at CFTC’s headquarters in Washington, DC (for attending, viewing, and listening instructions, see CFTC Press Release 7690-18).

CFTC Commissioner Brian Quintenz is the sponsor of the TAC, and Daniel Gorfine, Director of LabCFTC, is the Designated Federal Officer.

The TAC will discuss the scope, plan, and approach for the Committee’s efforts in 2018, including the identification of work streams and/or subcommittees that can help generate actionable recommendations for the Commission. The Committee will discuss issues involving financial technology in CFTC regulated markets, including blockchain, virtual currencies and related futures products, machine learning and artificial intelligence, automated trading, and cybersecurity.

Poloniex for example have only a MSB FinCEN registration, but there are considered financial institution in regard of the law which should have a SEC registration # for operating as a broker/trading platform according to the section 15 of the securities exchanges act. They hide behind their MSB FinCEN registration (calling themselves Currency dealer or exchanger) but they charge maker fees so they they are considered unregistrated fiancial instution if you include their activities (charging fees between p2p trade).
評論: bitshares DEX SEC compliant all the way !!!
評論: Here in others words what i putting to light, John Gotts advisor, talking about this subject :
交易進行: ;)
評論: We have a buy wall at our current lvl worthing 10% of BTS daily volume on Poloniex. I think he saw the same thing as me + that beautiful 4h macd
交易進行: Exactly what i was talking about :

I tried already to use openledger. Derived DOGE from the local exchange and bought BTS. The speed is astounding !!! I'm in shock.
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SimonMercier k.gritsyuk
@k.gritsyuk, yeah like i had my deposit credited in 5 sec from poloniex to DEX
k.gritsyuk SimonMercier
@SimonMercier, )))) i'm too!!! From Polo all BTS. WOW, the withrawals was so fast and very cheap! Now i'm discovering the world of DEX. But, there is one huge problem - how to deposit/withrawal fiat money. Mabe Lykke Exchange will help us and maybe not.
almiftahdz k.gritsyuk
@k.gritsyuk, i was shoked too the first time . its very fast fews secondes
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Simon what is likely to happen after btsbtc hits 14k-18k target?
Thanks for sharing your perspective and all the time and energy that goes into your posts. Sorry you have to deal with lambo messages. Here's to a more decentralized future!
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@je443, thanks for the head up !
hi Simon, great post. Just ignore them ? they dream a stupid lambo, others we dream getting rid of abuses from institutions while supporting the community, not supporting crooks and their system. Thanks to your posts I got interest into BitShares. I run an IT company with my business partner, across 7 countries in 3 continents, sadly not always a good tech-idea is a warranty of mass adoption. Wake up people !!!! we loosing our freedom and independency which is much more valuable than a lambo.
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je443 diegoalonso
@diegoalonso, Well put! Bitshares is so much more than a cryptocurrency. It's a like an onion, with many layers and features. I think 2018 will be a great year for BTS. Patience is key. All the best!
SimonMercier diegoalonso
@diegoalonso, yes, im starting to do my own things now. Invest my time where i want instead of giving it away. thanks for your kindly words !
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