BTSUSD 45$ TARGET !!!! 20 000% profit ? YOU CRAZY ?!

POLONIEX:BTSUSD   BitShares / Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Hi guys,

Heres a log chart of BTSUSD. If you follow me since my first BTS             , recommended at 0.11, our very short term target is achieved just today. 400% in less than a month !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW ! but whats next Simon, what is your longer term projection ?

Here i explain why BTSUSD couyld go this high :

Im pretty sure BTS             will be the next big things with the decentralized exchange that it propose to market. BTS             is unique, and doesnt have competitor.

I repeat : owning 100k to 2.5 Mil coins of BTS             now will have your future generations bless your name for centuries to come. IM NOT KIDDING. I believe that all market will be digitalized in the years to come and will adopt the DEX (from BTS             ) platform exchange over centralized exchange.

Let me add that from point 0 to top wave 1 BTS             have saw is price raise by 10 100 %. Since wave 3 is always the longest we can easily expect our current projection of 20 000%.
Wish you many millions !!!

Inspired by Hae Jin.
評論: Correction to 0.38 or so then bounce up to 0.54 very short term
評論: *********************NEWS ALERT*****************************
BITSHARES PUT UNDER CONTRACT AriseBank (which is part of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ) !!!!

THIS IS NOT DONE : According to the report, Bitshares has also teamed with the United Precious Metals Association (UPMA) to provide concurrent metal-backed cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.

Still dont believe 20 000% ? ;)
評論: Like i explained in my recent SCBTC post : news will come to justify the imuplse
交易進行: This take more and more sense as time concretize the trend : "owning 100k to 2.5 Mil coins of BTS now will have your future generations bless your name for centuries to come"
評論: This is our correction. Its healthy, new opportunity to enter for the new ones ! Welcome to the new holders !
I Meant discrepency (difference) between your wave 3 and the other chart wave 3 (that I posted) yours is aproximatly 40 dollars the other chart by someone elses is 20 dollars.

Where do u think the correct wave 3 is?

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Bullion_Money Bullion_Money
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Simon pls see this target

Your wave 3 is at the 38-40 level other is at the 20-25 level

What can you say? Were is the discrency?
SimonMercier Bullion_Money
@Bullion_Money, what you mean by discrency ? His graph should have a more extended wave 3 since the Elliot rule is that 3 wave is the more extended in the Y value of all the wave. In cryptos sometimes wave 5 is the longest but this is rare case in general
Bullion_Money SimonMercier
@SimonMercier, ohh ok I missread the comment. thank you so 40+ IS THE CORRECT WAVE 3.

thank you for clarifying that
SimonMercier Bullion_Money
@Bullion_Money, you are welcome sir. According to TA 40$ish is where the 3rd wave should end. I cant project time with log chart, it would be non ethical if i want to stay the more factual possible.
Bullion_Money SimonMercier
@SimonMercier, And your Second language English writing and understanding is better than most English speaking people. And I live in the United states.
SimonMercier Bullion_Money
@Bullion_Money, wow thank you, you made me smile !
Is there a update on this and is time frame accurate?
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SimonMercier Bullion_Money
@Bullion_Money, TA cant really provide timeframe. if you want update i invite you to follow since i post weekly update
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