POLONIEX:BTSUSD   BitShares / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
769 4
評論: Stoploss: 0.185$
Target : 1.35$
評論: Triangle at end of wave-E, this is probably a non limiting triangle
評論: Wave-e is complete, we broke up from the larger triangle today, so expecting us to go up from here
評論: After looking further into Bitshares as the triangle developed, It looks very likely that this is a non-limiting triangle.
b-d wave relate by 38.2%
d-e relate by 38.2%
Wave-e is a triangle itself
Wave-e is finished 40% before the Apex point in triangle
The Target price is almost same as before 1.44$, if we break uptrend we can aim for a much higher target.
評論: 1.144$*
評論: next confirmation is that we go over 0.3$ within 5. march
評論: If wave-e retrace completely faster than it took to form + 1 time unit is first confirmation of their existence, but since this is a non limiting triangle, it doesnt have to obey such rules
評論: after that crash i am 100% sure market will continue going down this year, fun is over guys, im selling out after bts recovering alittle bit
pls explain I don't understand. Seems mid-sentence. After what crash?
Are u still in bitusd or bts or both?
explain please, what does "non-limiting triangle " mean?
nissemelk Bullion_Money
@Bullion_Money, It's a extremely bullish Triangle formation, in this case you can detect it by seeing that a Triangle inside our triangle at Wave-E has formed, which means the thrust out of triangle should be extremely powerful
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