100% potential in a few weeks.

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The first time that I had encountered CCCR was back in May when I decided to jump into the Stocks Market and experiment, the price was being traded at $1.76. I started as a noise trader, I simply bought because I read an article that said that CCCR had a good potential. A few days later 50% gain. I was testing my new toy and only had $300 on it. It was a nice gain.

I have been learning TA and looking to master my trading skills, learning on try-error, looking into indicators, oscillators, bars and all those gadgets.

This is my first idea published based on a book that I Am studying based on Price Action book from @Marcpmarkets, no indicators, only looking into pure market trend.

CCCR has been in consolidation for weeks, and seems like it has a nice swing potential at the moment, the price is bouncing back from the low $1.00 that reached a few days ago and it probably will retest price $3.30 or more than $4.00 if resistance can be broken; worse case scenario $2.50 (No Fib at the moment, just looking in the support and resistance levels.)
評論: Its been in consolidation for the last 3 years! A nice setup for good gains.
交易進行: A Family member had bought at 1.76, got scared when it dropped to 1.37 and deciding when to sell. Seems like 2.40 is the next target in a few days.
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