cnyusd this make no sense

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Historic lows for cnyusd             . Easy to see previous effects on S&P             when this pair dips, us markets dip. Started to this time, but whoops, something happened, the upset special, the unexpected, TRUMP, Oil             ministers actually talking to each other, stealing all the headlines and the world attention away from, you guessed that HUGE CHINA MANUFACTURING ENGINE that could and did, and now is switching the a service economy, and using currency manipulation to fool its markets into thinking their GDP is just fine. It aint fine, its terrible. Trump knows this, he has pointed it out time after time, but no one cares. When China opens its doors to allowing another batch of its money to flee in january, this little pair will dip way below the black line, and Trump will enjoy the festivities for a moment, and then his first thing to do in office is deal with china currency issues affecting our economy and markets big time.
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