$Civic Buy Zone

POLONIEX:CVCBTC   Civic / Bitcoin
New coin with a fresh market cycle.
I expect this coin to provide very nice returns over the next few weeks
Are we close to the launch 94K sats
Lots of fundamentals incoming on this coin. CEO said lots of news, partnerships and surprises WILL be announced in the next 8 - 12 weeks. CVC will be the first utility token run on Rootstock (BTC side Chain) in the very near future. Big partners such as recently announced... Staking will also will be announced soon. I can see this target achieved in a reasonably time.
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94k in a few weeks? :o max would be how many weeks?
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@TTHY, Usually within two weeks or so . I want to that massive rise
@TTHY, Max is a month. When BTC breaks ATH these coins will pump very quickly
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TTHY JolleyCrypto
@JolleyCrypto, thanks! still holding CVC, sold off a few in profits tho :)
Jolley is this currently in a triangle as part of the handle?
Any thoughts on when we might see the breakout from the handle?
Am hoping if this is a triangle in the Handle, that perhaps it will be at the top of this triangle?
Thanks agian
well, it's been to 94k already on the launch what's so unbelievable on that?
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is that a typo?
94000 sats?
Thanks for the analysis.
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@kitkat16, No, not at all. You're welcome :)
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