Dash Buy Opportunity

This is a long term trade. We have an opportunity to open long positions not far from possible bottom. The price bounces from the support zone between 800.00 level and SMA100. RSI confirms price reversal in the oversold zone. MACD histogram is going to support the further upward movement. DMI still shows the power of bears and if you want to get more reliable buy signal, it's better to wait when ADX line starts falling.
Pending orders for buy can be placed at 875.00 level with stop orders at 580.00 level. Profit targets are 1500.00 and 2000.00 levels.
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this is the 4th time he recommends dash after it failed 3 times,

you folks shout stay away from dash this coin is broken

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pgaucher ArthurHeidt
@ArthurHeidt, i see Dash as the absolute leader in the payment sphere. The governance model is unique and their treasury now has over USD $100 000 000 to develop applications and promote the ecosystem. The only coin in the market with that level of budget to further develop and promote the service. Anything under $1000 is a steal in my opinion. I’m definitely buying the dip here.
ArthurHeidt pgaucher
@pgaucher, leader in payment sphere in their dreams, dash = ponzi scheme
ArthurHeidt pgaucher
@pgaucher, dash is now 600 USD down from its recent high it clearly doesnt correlate with bitcoin, but what will become much more deciding in the future the evaluation method, because if the us dollar is no more or not a used measurement of valuation, everything changes
always thx for your great work! could u give some advice on ripple?
On the 4hr, does it kinda look like its forming a bear flag? or am I way off?
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Thanks for help
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What’s the timeline to 1500? 1st / second week in feb?
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can this signal used for cryptopia n bittrex exchanges
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