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How many will regretfully know about the previous chart wanted to make the following clarification out of respect for all of you.
On June 9th , the entire DGB team performed in Singapore before the Citibank group at the Tech For Integrity Challenge (T4I)
DGB was chosen as a finalist among 1700 competitors, having great chances to be the winner (that's why the price went up exponentially)
When the news that DGB had not been the winner the price collapsed + panic sell and what you see on the chart.
The chart that I did was not malicious and I specified that the risk was 50/50.
If the result had been the opposite the increase would not have been + 45%, I would have seen the moon up close.
I regret and take care of what I posted (in which I was also bought) but do not be discouraged that there will be a new challenge in July and awaiting news from the DGB group.

Thank you very much for your time.
When DGB will be in 14000 ?
Are you saying that DGB will not see a significant rise till july ? I am asking because i have a lot of money stuck on DGB on the 1300level...I dont want to lose them or froze them for 1 month
@Everevolving @AbnerPaxi @john567 @Rick_James @ramiroldu @DrMahesshNath @kyun @kagere
Guys My only and humble advice is: patience and wait, you're not the only one who got caught.
DGB is going to recover and in addition it will give profits but not the short term. If you are in finance you know that they are not mathematics, that the risk exists and that you must be patient. The worst decisions are taken in a hot and impulsive way.
Everyone has been loading the chat with DGB??? Please trade for me sir for I have lost my brain! XD I am a bagholder here and I am not worried. Appreciate the update, all the best.
Rick_James AndresThomasShirakawa
@AndresThomasShirakawa, Sorry, I should aim to be more constructive rather than dragging the chat flaming here. I was just kidding about the naivety and impatience of those stuck in DGB and that I am grateful for your direction and advice on tv no matter the current volatility.
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