DGB Ascending Triange

BITTREX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
Supports and Resistances marked
Macd is gonna kiss by the end of the month. Triangle breakout by middle of February if all goes well.
EMA 50 looks like pretty good support
Top of next wave looks like it will be 1200-1300.
評論: just another look at the support on the 50
評論: Maybe a very long term glimpse of what DGB could offer. Time frame of course is just unpredictable so I don't put stock in precise days, weeks, months
Time frame?
jbwar XenoBiologist
@XenoBiologist, always hard to say but I think February will be a great turnaround month for a lot of alts and people will get big paydays at the end of Q1. Look for DGB to break first resistance within a week and second within 2. Retest all time high in 3?
Owww...it is hard not to sell. I keep looking at the bigger picture. Thnx for these!
+1 回覆
jbwar RBrg
@RBrg, You're welcome, thank you. I'm watching this one close. Of course BTC today could cause a drop across the market but I would expect a quick rebound. There is support at 400 and even if that happened I don't think it would linger long and be on its way back up. The MACD and the Stoch on the daily just look too ready to blast off :)
@RBrg, If you sell and want buy back you will have to keep your fiats on exchange. Best insurance is to not doing such hardcore or sell only a part. I mean "Half a loaf is better than nothing".
RBrg damdamm
@damdamm, Not selling, I will not sell...no no no... patient will be rewarded. Made the 'sell mistake' to often to get more coins.
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