$DGB pattern found...5th wave monster coming!

BITTREX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
Check out the 1st and 3rd wave we went through back in MAY preceded a massive 5th wave leg up. This same pattern is setting up right now to repeat the next market cycle.
those 2 things in yellow border is not even similar to each other.
wow you just painted anything and calling it prediction? :DDDDDDDD you could draw dick.
History repeating itself. I can totally see it
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i don't see it. It cant sustain .800
I expect the same. Good job.
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I love it! But wasn't that 5th wave back in summer the result of a Citigroup rumor? Hence, the rapid falloff after the partnership fell through? Thanks for sharing. I'm a huge DGB advocate!
I believe this is the 3rd wave, however, even if it is the way that you see it, when the 3rd wave is not the longest, the 5th wave is... so ether or, and im good LOL
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