DNT - Giant cup & handle

BITTREX:DNTBTC   district0x / Bitcoin
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This is my very first idea published here. Your insight is very welcome.

DNT is a promising project & token.

Just noticed its lifetime chart is one giant cup & handle .

On a long trade (maybe 3 months), buying below 2000 or even 2500 seems cheap.

2500 looks like the breakout level on this pattern, so one could also wait for it to enter with stop loss around 2000. At which level one should just buy more.

My target would be 4500... but this token could also go much higher much faster...

What do you think?

Happy trading :)
So, without being to critical. When do you think 4500 will be achieved?
SColligo salerg
@salerg, I think giving it three months is plenty of time for it to reach at least that target. But in the current market with BTC being so influent, and now ETH being also able bleed alts when it rallies, it's just impossible to predict the timeline. Could happen tomorrow, next week, next month...
All I can say is there is very little doubt on DNT's capacity to reach 4500 levels in the next few weeks/months.
totally agree, right now i'm trying to spot an entry point that's how i found ur idea, i believe RIGHT NOW is a good entry if holding for 3 month (do u agree?), gonna be huge.
SColligo DrZeemo
@DrZeemo, yes, it's one ERC20 token with a lot of potential that should prove itself worthy over 2018. If your target isn't reached in the next few days/weeks, yes, I'd give at least a three months trial (= an eternity for crypto :) ).
DrZeemo SColligo
@SColligo, thank u brother
DrZeemo SColligo
@SColligo, sat my entry at 1700 sat, hope it touches it
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