big focus short the right shoulder DOLLARS

TVC:DXY   美元指數
trade reversal pattern, trendline and trend
評論: good action
評論: more drop for dollars
Thank you Fxhunters! There's an head shoulders on upside too. We can see the market fighting in a triangle of 93-94. Especially the BOJ decision on 21st. Dec. will show the key direction. With commodity market falling hard before, the stocks shall be squeezing inevitably. Capital squeezing will go to US dollars high interests and USDJPY carry trade also many risk/safe pairs and buying Yen stronger in risk off. We may see strange things happen in several months, DXY and gold both are going up slowly. This prediction will show Euro difficulties in the future. The DAX, EURUSD will go down only the inflation will rise.
Fxhunters Victor.Y.F
@Victor.Y.F, yes it can be : thank you so much for your analysis. it make me awareness to save my risk.
Victor.Y.F Fxhunters
@Fxhunters, many thanks to you. You are the best trader among them on TV.
Thank you Fxhunters! Same view here. But the DXY could slowly go higher by squeezing from stocks and virtual assets soon. The UJ may have topped already, Yen shall be stronger than Dollar in a risk off mode. We may see the metal and the us dollar both going higher on Jan. 2018 temporarily.
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