NEoWave analysis on DXY             by Enayat Ashkian
The Details of the analysis is shown on the chart and described that Bullish Corrective Elongated Flat Pattern may be completed.

(A)-(B)-(C) Wave that is marked by yellow labels:
Wave (B) / Wave (A) : About 90%
Wave (C) / Wave (B) : About 184%
Pattern : Elongated Flat
Pattern Type : Correction
Status : May be over

Please discuss about this analysis, it's progress labels, targets, T/P, S/L and future patterns, moves and ... using your described charts by comment on this page.
Enayat Ashkian
contact link:
entire analysis is wrong as the main motive of the NEO WAVE IS not fulfilled ..the correction can not take less time than impulsive wave in a pure impulsive wave and the end of the pattern always confirm by post market action there was a expending terminal triangle present where B wave written ..See after the completion which was after the second wave and was terminated by a one degree e wave of the neutral triangle ...exectly after the e wave end of the neutral trianlge the post market action confirmed it with a huge rally ..Neo wave waves starting and ending with no pattern left to complete ...
Ashkian PaliwalPradeepSiangh
@PaliwalPradeepSiangh, Thanks for the comment, I suggest to use a chart (with pattern(s) and progressive labels related to your comment). It can published on this page as a comment to get this comment clearer.
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