Part 1 of 8 - USD alias "Dollar Hulk" - Green Bull Rodeo

TVC:DXY   美元貨幣指數
USD has been unfolding its swings according to my previous calls on the DXY             .

I am pleased with how the structures unfolded.

DXY             is trading within a Double Three Pattern, with the remaining Minute Y (pink) unfolding within a Zig-Zag , within a Rising Channel .

This article is to be treated as a follow-up on the previously posted Bull Riding - Rodeo Trading – Intraday Market Orders article, when the first Bullish leg started.

The correction on the down-side was posted and predicted with the NFP Trades – Gold             & Euro            Bullish Positions article, which was also explained with the DXY ( Dollar Index             ) – Correction Final Stages video.

USD could be getting the straight it would need to push on the up-side and finalize the entire Complex Structure within Minor 4 (red).

Charts available for Members:

EURUSD             – 2H Chart
GBPUSD             – 2H Chart
USDJPY             – 2H Chart
USDCHF             – 2H Chart
NZDUSD             – 2H Chart
XAUUSD             – 2H Chart
XAGUSD             – 2H Chart

All 8 parts available for Members.

Members can view the article here:

Many pips ahead!
評論: In case you missed them, Members were well informed of these following set-ups:

XAUUSD (good set-up):

NZDUSD (good set-up):

USDCHF (good set-up):

USDJPY (good set-up):

GBPUSD (good set-up):

EURUSD (good set-up):

XAGUSD (failed set-up):

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Olleyyy, Thanks Sir.
@maksoy, Welcome! Glad it helped.
Hi, after 91.XX target, are you still bearish with DXY? Thanks in advance.
@kisacafb, That's the plan, yes.
kisacafb Lionheart-EWA
@Lionheart-EWA, thanks for reply!
Great! Everything is super. Do not you think that there is a figure of a triangle?
Lionheart-EWA ZubrMoldova
@ZubrMoldova, I am not labeling the structure as a triangle at this time until further evidence. Glad this view helped you.
Like a bawse!
@Mitasse, :)
Good afternoon. Can you tell me about the layout without changes?
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