Test of the Pax Americana

TVC:DXY   美元指數
Resemblence is uncanny.

Graph Is self explanotory. gets funnier when you add EMA50- EMA200 Monthly.

throughout the history, superpowers are tested. they are tested in terms of their capability of delivering what they have said.

a superpower is not a superpower if it does not deliver what it has promised.

in 1998-1999 , USA has delivered DXY to 2001 safely.

although the expensive dollar shall be ended in 1999 , as it already running for almost for a decade (change of borders in 1991 collapse of USSR)

so here we are, testing 92.50, too premature to end expensive dollar cause it has begun in 2014Q3 and confirmed to us, peasants in 2015Q3 (EMA50-EMA200 cross) .. So US should see the peak of DXY in around 2020.

and you may all guess what is the target this time... the expensive dollar of 1991-2001 has changed the world... The superpower is prepairing for another box round.

Trump (and his establishment) has been asked the question of "are you in, or not." by the old establishment.

if they are in, 92.50 would be turning point.
if they are not, then it will turn into the utmost test of a super-power.
Either they will change the game end the "civil war" in Washington.
Or, we will witness the first steps of the collapse of pax-americana.

I'd be definetely mad , as a fund doing business around the world, or, a king in a middle east country, if the US failed to deliver what it has promised in 2014Q1 to me. All my poisitonining becomes invalid just after 3 years? too short, too premature...

In chaos, there is order. But, if you can't control the chaos, you can't ensure the order.
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