DXY / %216? at 96

TVC:DXY   美元指數
Expecting DXY to create a parent node in current SUB.
Entry 96.00
Stop 95.3
TP 100.00

Continuation of the same frequency analysis.
Since 98.00 was hit I was able to take it as a Close price in calculations.
I could not earlier because at the time DXY hit 98 I had no idea what will be the H until that.

評論: Periodic Motion wise dollar is so far copying all I want to see.
Refer to This analysis.

But that is not the point here.

If we look at Gold chart ( In Logistic Maps Gold and Dollar are twins with Action/Reaction behavior )

1250 story:

On October 4 Big Boys called for help and received it.

96 story:

The reason why " Trump need cheap bucks "?

From that point of view, I don't know.
All I believe is 96 should provide a bounce to reach last number 15 in parent node before Dollar can Crash harder, and Gold can reach PV 1430$
Possible only if mirror here is correct.
評論: Due to upcoming tomorrow events pending order is removed and will be executed manually IF dxy hit's 96.00 and behavior will be monitored. IF it drops to 96.00 and is way too volatile I will not enter. Have to wait and see.
取消訂單: Almost forgot about this idea.
Just to make sure, this trade is invalidated by timing.
Do not execute it, it's old and outdated and invalid.
評論: Well, with " Do not execute it " I meant that I am not executing it, because it is invalid for me, and I haven't done more analysis and not touching this instrument.
You can do whatever you want of course.
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