euro/usd RANGE

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Euro             has been in a range 1.06-1.15 for two years. We are again on the top of the range. Look for selling opportunities. Probability H.
評論: We are at the top of the range - 1.15
取消訂單: Short idea cancelled - Euro looks pretty strong. Flat waiting for clear picture
評論: Euro entered in a bull trend since breakout of a 2yr trend - look for buying opportunites. Target 1.25
Hi Leones
Thanks for your idea. I put up the same observation last week and advised looking for selling.

Hope this really works out for both of us. The idea is technically sound but the market will do what it wants to do when it wants to do it. Weakness is setting in to the Euro at the moment and I am wondering whether the expected turn down is from her or to still allow for a bit more upside
@Olu, hi Olu, I was waiting for some comments! yes I agree with your study, I just need to find the right low risk entry point.I am not sure that the E leg is completed but we are close.
@LEONES, We are on the same wavelength about that e wave. The only real EW condition that blows the whole study is that the c wave high mist not be taken out
@Olu, a possible scenario.Unit IGC1:
@LEONES, i.e. median line is the target
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