EMC2/BTC (+550% Earnings Potential)

BITTREX:EMC2BTC   Einsteinium / Bitcoin
Hello and Welcome to our New Trading Idea for Einsteinium/Bitcoin (EMC2)

It is not quite sure were the Bottom is, we think that it will drop maximum until 0.000027 EMC2/BTC,
there it will find Daily and Hourly Support and hopefully hold.

This is why we keep the right to leave this trade unactive until we see a Bullish divergence and or a Breakout from
the Downtrend Channel (Red). Of course If you want u can allready fill your Bags with EMC2, just like we did,
because we believe that the Support Line will hold and the accumulation Phase should be over soon.

We will activate this Trade once we think its safe. For now we advice you to wait until we do so or just buy a small Amount
of Coins and only invest Money youre able to loose without a Heartattack, because right now, its still a risky Call.
Risky because it could still loose more than 60% of its Value before we go up again,
but if we stay patient, this will be a nice Profit for sure.

So looking into our Chart we can see that were clearly inside the ABC correction, its not clear were C will end up,
but because the History always repeat itself and EMC2 has a lot of good news to come for example:

- Partnership with a Canadian City inclusive a TV Spot
- Strong announcements coming (Weee platforms and payments)
- New partnerships with ongoing development (Voxtel / Maxeler)
- Algorithm change
- Birthday on 1st of March - New Announcement?

Daily and Hourly Support sits on around 0.00002700 and 0.00002800 BTC            

Buy Zone:
25% @ 0.00003050 BTC            
25% @ 0.00002950 BTC            
25% @ 0.00002850 BTC            
25% @ 0.00002750 BTC            

Target 1 @ 0.00010 BTC            
Target 2 @ 0.00016 BTC            
Target 3 @ 0.00020 BTC            

Stop Loss:
50% @ 0.00002480 BTC            
50% @ 0.00002240 BTC            

Critics, suggestions and Questions are Welcome!!

Trade Safe, Stay Safe!

Yours sincerely,
BitcoinSector aka the one and only Bitmex Whale.

Telegram Channel with 24/7 Support:

Premium Channel for Altcoin Signals.
Discount for the first 100 Customers
Garantueed Profit bigger than 1000% within 2 Months.
Interested? Pm us and ask for Proof!
trade active?
targets are too high i think ???
trade still active ?????
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