Swing trade opportunity on ENJ

BINANCE:ENJBTC   Enjin Coin / Bitcoin
188 2
Disclaimer: As stated in status. I am currently only playing short term opportunities due to high incertainty in the market. Alts are very overextended and BTC 0.85% seems ready to take the spotlight within the coming days. Previous trades posted are still valid as long as they do not break the trends.

Most important to note is the rising support line which if broken will invalidate this swing trade.
We can see a continue in price drop to our first support level (lower white line) as it has served as support in the past.
Two things are most likey to happen, we find support on the horizontal support level and bounce up so I would put a first buy order at that level (2K sats ).
The price continues to drop to the rising support level (18K) and that would be the optimum buy level. After this I expect a price bounce to retest the upper resistance line.

Capital management is required.

Happy trading!
I really wish I had read this yesterday. I bought back in at 32 cents. sheesh. But the coins I sold for went down at a similar rate to ENJ and I actually lost some in the trade -_-... This is why you should sell some at ATHs for USD/T. You never know when this is gonna happen.
@VanBenno, Greed is a tough thing to fight! It all depends on the way you look at things, Always be happy with whatever profits you've made, even if it's not at the top. It's better than losing on a trade that otherise was perfect ;) Markets don't continue up forever, always remember this :)
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